Sunday, March 22, 2015

Going back... back... back....

Well, we're done with the daylily photos from the summer of 2014!  Yet, I know there are several more daylilies that didn't get photographed that year, or the pics were poor, etc.  

So, I'm going to reach back through time (Yes, I'm taking lessons from Dr. Who.) and show you some of the daylilies that got missed.  This next set is from July 12, 2012.  I have a list to help prevent duplicates, though I'm not perfect about that.... but getting better.  

CANYON LANDS, by Stevens, D.,'82;
Midseason; DOR TET; 29" x 5.75"

GALLANT HOUR, by Benz, '90; Early Mid; DOR TET; 28" x 6"

GENTLE DRAGON, by Peck, '75; Early Mid; DOR TET;
29" x 6.5"

LULLABY BABY, by Spalding,W., '75; Early Mid; SEV DIP; Fragrant; 19" x 3.5"


OLALLIE DOUBLE, by Darrow, '76; 
 Mid; DOR TET; Double; 20" x 5"

RED VOLUNTEER, by Oakes, '84; Mid; DOR TET; 30" x 7"  (This is one of the best, clear reds you'll ever see in daylilies, unless they're coming up with new ones that are better.  What a red!)

WITCH STITCHERY, by Morss, '86;
EE; SEV TET;  26" x 5.5
(I don't have a lot of favorites, but this might qualify as one.  I love that ragged fingering of the eyezone into the petals!)

More very soon!

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