Saturday, September 28, 2013

So very sorry not to have blogged lately!  My computer has been a naughty little brat, and down much of this summer.  Got a fair bit of gardening done, though!  The less time I spend on the computer, the more I have to spend outdoors!

Here are a few late blooming babies:

DUBLIN ELAINE, Joiner, 1988, Midseason, 32"x 5.5", re.
I don't think this pretty creature has ever bloomed truly midseason for me.  It's always a shade later, but perhaps that's because until this year, it was always in a shady area.  After division, I put some back in its original spot, and the rest into some sunlight.  That would be the ones pictured above.  I have a special purpose for one of these: to commemorate a very dear kitty named Lady Elaine, whose ashes will be resting in my gardens soon.  She was my friend Jean's cat, and I was privileged to know her and be liked by her.  A lovely flower for a lovely kitty. 

PEACH HALO (VT), the Darrow family, not registered, Late, 40"x6".  
I never get a lot from this one, again likely due to the shady area.  It will be moved next year.

OLALLIE MACK, Darrow, 1978, Very Late, 12"x5" 
I have had problems keeping this one alive, in the past.  This planting is up closer to the house, where there is more shelter for all the plants there.  It has been praised as a good VL bloomer in one of my books.  This one went in this spring, so it's just getting settled in.  I'm simply pleased that it has graced my garden with a few blooms at all!

AUGUST FLAME,  Woods, 1967; VL, 38"x5"
I'm getting quite fond of this one, already!  SMACK!!  In-your-eye color, in September!

FLIGHT OF DOWN (VT), the Darrow family, unregistered; Late, 30"x6.5"
This plucky little sweetie bloomed its last bud open for three days!!!  I'm very impressed!  I don't expect this from Flight of Down all the time, of course.  But it's a lovely bloom and it has HEART!

I took many photos with my phone, and still not sure how to upload pics from the phone to the blog.  I may be able to get around it somehow.  Other late bloomers have been Autumn Minaret, Late Late Show, and one that is still blooming (incredible!!!) is Pumpkin Time.  If I can dig up pics of these, I'll post those soon.