Saturday, May 11, 2013

Welcome to my new blog!  It will be about my gardens, and mostly about my favorite flowers, the Daylilies.  

Daylily should not be confused with the Lilium lily, also a beautiful plant.  Daylilies are in the genus Hemerocallis, which means, "beautiful for a day."  Each bloom lasts for one day, but fortunately, there are many blooms per plant, maturing in turn so bloom time lasts for several weeks.  The season can be extended by displaying very early (EE) blossoming plants to very late (VL) blossoming plants.  Here in northern USA, they start in late spring, just before summer officially begins.  My gardens are full of "fans" right now, the leafy growth that looks very like an exotic fan.   In the meantime, I fill in with early-blooming plants, such as crocus, muscari (grape hyacinths) forsythia, daffodils (which are joyfully blooming their brains out right now!) and a few tulips, also blooming now.  In a few weeks, the iris will begin; I have quite a few tucked here and there in the gardens.  Most of my irises are an old, "tall-bearded" type that came with the house, and were blooming when we first saw the place.  Part of why I fell in love with our home!  I have also collected several peonies, another favorite flower, but they too are sprouting only foliage.  I have a few hostas.  I don't dislike them; on the contrary, I DO like them.  Unfortunately, the deer also like them.  I am of the opinion that hostas were misnamed.  They should be called, "deer candy!" 

So, the first daylily to bloom here will be lovely "Elizabeth".  It was bred by Norton and registered in 1942, several years before I was even born!  I bought it to represent and honor my mom, whose name was Elizabeth.  (Fair warning: I have a LOT of "theme" gardens!  Often, my selection of a purchase is because of its name, rather than its merit as a quality daylily.  I figure it's my garden, and I can do this, so long as I don't breed two poor quality daylilies together.  I don't breed seriously, but have dabbled, since it is fun.)  To get us started, here are photos from last summer, of two of my favorites.

 Above is "Firestorm" a brilliantly colored, large flowered, "spider" style of blossom.  It was bred by Krekler and registered in 1979.  It grows somewhat tall, at 31".  The bloom width is registered at 8.25".  I've had this one since 2002, and will be dividing it this spring.  Below is "Sunray Brilliance," that I got to represent my husband (before we got married).  The section I chose was a bit shady, and has gotten worse, so it hasn't needed dividing.  Maybe later this summer, and I might move it to a sunnier spot.  Oh, and we did get married -- in our own back yard, amongst our friends and the daylilies, at peak bloom time, mid-July of 2007.  It was a lovely wedding!

I may also sneak in the occasional pic of the cats or dogs, other plants, or the yard in general!  I've a lot of older photos of my yard, the daylilies, and other plants.  I'll post again soon!