Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nothing new blooming in the garden today, and it looks like only Witches Wink will make it again, for tomorrow.  But each day I notice more and more budded scapes (stems) emerging from their leafy clusters!  For now, I'll simply toss in some of my better photos from the past, how's that? 

"Pink Super Spider", Carpenter, 1982. Midseason, 32" h/ 10"w.  SEV DIP 

"White Tie Affair" Peck, 1984. Midseason,24"h/5.5"w.  DOR TET

"Strutter's Ball", Moldovan, 1984.  Midseason, 28"h./6"w.  DOR TET

"Fairy Tale Pink" Pierce, 1980.  Midseason, 24" h/ 5.5" w. SEV DIP   Stout Silver Medal, 1990

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Just one new opening, from yesterday (I've been wicked busy for a couple of days).  The daylily, "Smith Brothers" has opened, having gotten a hormonal head start in its original warmer climate.    I have wanted this one for years!  Finally have it in MY garden, LOL!

Smith Brothers, Carr, 1992

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

OK, I finally have a couple of current photos for you!  
As stated earlier, "Elizabeth" has been blooming since May 20th, but the first photo I got of it wasn't very good.  We're getting down to some of the last ones, so I figured I should try again for a better one.  Sooooo.... ta-DAAAH!  "Elizabeth"!

The other is "Witches Wink" (Salter, '93) and is a cute, delightful, little thing.  A happy addition to my gardens!

I'll add a pic of the irises, when they were in full, glorious bloom, last week.  They're still blooming, but looking less full, a bit less exuberant. These grace the top of my driveway. There are daylilies in amongst them, and this whole section will be ablaze with color again in July.  But it won't be irises anymore; it'll be daylilies!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Holey Moley!  I have been SO busy!  Some of it with planting new daylilies and divisions, some with work, some with actually cleaning the house... (Yes, I do, occasionally!)

Now, it's raining, and I can't get out to the gardens and work.  I have had only two daylilies bloom this spring so far, but there are a number of scapes coming up, and that is very promising.  The bloomers are my trusty EE, "Elizabeth" (the first to bloom in almost anyone's garden, really) and a new acquisition, "Witches Wink".  It had a hormonal head start in its old home, so arrived ready willing and able to send up an early scape.  That bloom was rather soggy when I saw it, but there is one bud ready to pop soon -- tomorrow?  

I took a nice pic today of the rain on one of my peonies, "Charlie's Pride" but this blog is about Daylilies, so I'll refrain from posting other plant pics.  At least for the FIRST photos!