Friday, February 21, 2014

And now for something completely different. Or sorta different....

Took a break from ordering daylilies -- and ordered some OTHER flowers, LOL!  I have ordered from Graceful Gardens before, but not for many years.  Good folks, good plants.  Even though daylilies are supposed to be deer-resistant, I had some deer damage last summer.  OK, to be fair, deer are only *suspected* (innocent until proven guilty?) but much of the damage was too tall for rabbits, etc.  And the dogs are off the hook, because:  a.) they don't have access to certain areas, and b.) this stuff was eaten.  Not simply knocked over or broken.  There was nothing on the ground below.  Also, we have deer here, and lots of them.  So, in case there is temptation for next year to continue the buffet,  I'm putting in a few more deer resistant plants.  They don't care for many plant fragrances, and some of these qualify on that count.  Some I got because they will grow in shade or semi-shade, which is a problem for me, and are also deer-resistant.  Cannot call anything "deer-proof", since there is nothing they won't eat if they're hungry enough.  Some plants are poisonous; I'm a little cautious about that matter (no datura) but there are a few I love anyway, such as daffodils and foxglove. 

If you love cottage gardens -- SO romantic! -- check out Graceful Gardens at :

I'll probably have photos of many of them in the future, as the focus plant or neighbor to a daylily!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Winter madness

Yes, I have been naughty again, LOL -- ordering daylilies from here, from there, and from ... over there, too.  The worst of it is (or is it the best of it?) I'm not done yet!  heeheehee...

The hunt for Stout Silver Medalist daylilies continues, but I have found a fair number of them.  The local daylily (and hostas) group will have a sale in May, so I'm hoping to free up a lot of space in the areas where I want to put the SSM's.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!