Friday, March 21, 2014

A few more photos from last year.

I just compiled a list of the daylilies I have ordered, while waiting (impatiently!) for spring.  The internet is probably the flower vender's BEST friend!!!  They are in a general, not perfect, alphabetical order, but I don't dare count them.  I just wanted to avoid duplications, which I did a few times, last year.  
I wanted to send out just ONE MORE order.... just one!  I swear!  Last one!  Really!
But this last place doesn't have a shopping cart format, so I have to write it all out and mail it, along with a check.  That's OK... it'll give me more time to consider the order. (NOT to select more daylilies!  NO.   Seriously.   Yeah, right.)

Meanwhile, let's revisit a few more of last year's blooms, shall we?
Insert telephone "hold" music here, LOL.  Spring may be here at last (as of yesterday afternoon) but it will still be a long while before the snow is gone, the ground thawed, and sprouts pop up.  However, I have been greedy enough to start looking for snowdrops.  Too soon.  We are still "on hold" for actual spring weather.

 The above is:
OLALLIE GEORGE DARROW, Darrow, 1978, Dor, Tet, Mid-Late, 24" x 7".

(Dr. George Darrow, by the way, was an early, well-known hybridizer of daylilies -- and of raspberries.  The name, "Olallie" comes from a native American word from the New Jersey area he worked in, meaning "place where the berries grow".  I apologize if I have any details wrong, but that is the gist of it.  Dr. Darrow's descendants continue his passion for daylilies, breeding and selling in Vermont.)

 PIPPIN'S MAGIC, Munson, 1987, Ev, Tet, EM, 28" x 5". 
(Fairly good performer, not quick to increase.  Sort of from the school of  "Slow and steady wins the race."  It is lovely, though!)

ORCHID CORSAGE, Saxton, 1975, Dor, Dip, ML, 32" x 7.5"
(This is one of my later season faves.  Lovely and langorous... graceful lines.)

BROOKRIDGE, Wild, 1971, Dor, Dip, EM, 26" x 5"
(I got this just last year, as a bonus in an order.  Got a few blooms on it too, before summer was over.  Quite nice.)

HOPE DIAMOND, Mac Millan, 1968, Dor, Dip, EM, 14" x 4".
(Before I planted it, I handed it to my husband, telling him to "give this to me," and to tell me he was giving it to me.  He didn't understand, but knowing I was up to something, did it.  Then I told him the name of the plant, and that he could thereafter tell anyone that he had given me the Hope Diamond.  He didn't say anything, but smiled in that way that said, She's goofy, but ya gotta love 'er.)

WEDDING BAND,  Stamile, 1987, Sev, Tet, M, 26" x 5.5".

(This was the Stout Silver Medal winner for 1996!
-- And don't ask what the red one is in the background... it's still one of the mystery daylilies.  Hopefully, I'll figure it out this year, but there are no promises.)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

While we wait for spring, how about some older photos of daylilies from my gardens, in seasons past?  I have made a list of photos I've already posted, so that I don't repeat myself.

 The above is BRIDAL SUITE,  Hanson, C., 1988, Ev, Tet, EE, 21"x 5".  The bell-shaped flowers in the background are Campanula, "Elizabeth".

                   SALIERI, Moldovan, 1992, Dor, Tet, Early, 26" x 5.25", ext.

                       APOLLO'S FIRE, Moldovan, 2002, Dor, Tet, EM, 32" x 5".

                           CHOSEN LOVE, Maxwell, 1971, Sev, Dip, EM, 26"x 6".

 FRIAR TUCK, Lester, 1951, Dor, Dip, EM, 36" tall (no bloom width given in database.  I'd guess it's about 3" or a bit more.)  I have a theme garden based on the King Arthur legends, and though this would be the Robin Hood legend, I've allowed a crossover with this plant.  He's quite happy in Camelot, if he can't be in Sherwood Forest!

           SABINE BAUR, Salter, 1997, Sev, Tet, EM, 25" x 6", re, nocturnal. 

                VAL, Elliot, R., 1984, Dor, Dip, M, 20" x 4.5", re, ext, fragrant

Well, that's it for tonight -- time to go to bed, and dream of spring!