Saturday, February 28, 2015

Last day of February, but still working on last July!

Well, we've gotten through February (only a few more hours to go).  Let's see how far we are from completing the photos from July, 2014.

BROCADED GOWN, by Millikan, B. '79; Early Midseason; SEV DIP; 26" x 6" (Stout Silver Medal winner, 1989)

 CONAN(left, and below) by Weston, '78; 
Early Mid; SEV TET; 26"x 5"

DOLL HOUSE, by Wild, '75; Early Mid; DOR DIP; 27" x 6"

LOVE IS, by Stevens, D., '78; Mid;
DOR TET; 22" x 4"

NATE, by Bachman, 2003; Mid Late; DOR TET; 40" x 6"  (I have wanted this one for years, and finally got it in 2014!  Why did I want it?  I have a son named, "Nate"!)

SWAN BALLET, by Lester, '58; Early Mid
DOR DIP; 30" (height)

TOOTSIE, by Kirchhoff, D., '83; Early; EV DIP; 20" x 3"


Moving on to another day in the garden, July 23, 2015:

BLACKBEARD PIRATE, by Moldovan, 2002;
Mid; DOR TET; Fragrant; 22" x 5"

CORRYTON PINK, by Kirby- OAKES, '81; Early Mid; DOR TET; 32" x 7"

DRAGON KING, by Kirchhoff, D., '92;
Early; EV TET; 22" x 5.5"

ELIZABETH SALTER, by Salter, '90; Mid; SEV TET; 22' x 6"; SSM winner, 2000

FLAMINGO FLIGHT, by Peat, '98;
Mid; SEV TET; 28" x 6"

MAUDE'S VALENTINE, by Shooter, '92; Mid; DOR DIP; Fragrant; Nocturnal; 32" x 5" 

Once again, that's it for tonight!  See you again soon!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Several more from Last July (2014)

Let.'s see what today brings us, shall we?

CRY, by Hansen, '92; Early Midseason;
SEV DIP 24" x 6"

EENIE WEENIE, by Aden, '76; Early Mid; DOR DIP; 10" x 2"  (This really earns its name look at those dimensions!  Might be the smallest daylily I have; I'll need to compare with others, later.)

ELEGANT EXPLOSION, by Meyer, C., 2004;
Mid-Late; DOR DIP; Nocturnal; 20" x 4"
(If I'm not mistaken, the plant at the left is Linaria, Canon Went.)  

LITTLE FAT DAZZLER, by Lankart, Mrs. E., '79; Early Mid; SEV DIP; 15" x 3".  I have three books on daylilies, a couple of which recommend this cultivar!

PTARMIGAN, by Stamile, '90;
Mid Late; DOR TET;  20" x 5" 

SUNSET BOULEVARD, by Kirchhoff, D., '93; Mid; EV TET; Fragrant; 30" x 6"

UNKIE, by Clark, D., '57; Late; DOR DIP; about 35" (height) -- No bloom width given, but it's fairly large. I'm looking forward to having this as an established clump.  It's quite handsome, for one of the older dark types.  Makes a statement!


And now, for something slightly different.   I still have quite a few mystery plants in many of the gardens, but there is ONE garden that is full of them.  I call it The Garden of the Unknowns (GOTU).  It could easily be the NOID Garden (No ID).  I recently saw the same thing online where the garden was called, "Who's Your Daddy?" and loved that name, too.  On the same day that the above photos were taken, I took a number of shots of the GOTU.  It's a weedy mess, but I'll clean it up either this coming summer, or in 2016. 

Here are just a few of the many pretties that live in the GOTU:

(I confess, I do have a favorite among the Unknowns here, and it's the one pictured at right.  Large and luscious!  Wish I knew what it is, as it's probably a named, registered cultivar.)

That's it for tonight!  I'll be dreaming of daylilies that sleep under a thick, white blanket.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Can you stand some more? (last July, '14)

Can you stand some more from last July?   Here you go! 

I'm trying something new with the alignment -- hope it makes things more interesting, rather than confusing!   
(Leave a comment, if the new alignment is a problem!  I don't check daily, but fairly often.)

ED MURRAY, by Grovatt, E., '71; Midseason; DOR DIP;30" x 4"; SSM winner, 1981

GAUGUIN, by Munson, '69; Early Mid; EV TET; 32" x 6"

I CAN FLY, by Elliott, J., '91; Mid Late; SEV DIP; Very Fragrant; 26" x 6.5"

JEAN BAILEY, by Rood, T.,2008; Mid; SEV TET; 34" x 5"

LADY ARABELLA. by Salter, '92; Early Mid; SEV TET; 28" x 5"

LILACS FOR GALADRIEL, by Morss,  2001;
Early Mid; EV TET; 30" x 6"

MYSTIC FIREBIRD, by Hoffman,  P., 2006; Mid Late; SEV DIP; 36" x 6"

NEAL BERREY, by Sikes, '85; Mid; DEV DIP; 18" X 5";  
Stout Silver Medal winner, 1995

PING (VT), by the Darrow family, see a previous entry for explanation. 
Midseason; DOR TET; 38" x 8".

PRETTY IN PINK, by Stamile, '91; Early Mid;
DOR TET; 27" x 5"

RENAISSANCE FAIR, by Munson, R. W., '74; Mid; EV TET; 28" x 6"

TROND, by Peck, '87; Mid; DOR TET; 27" x 6"       
(The color isn't quite accurate in this photo. It's a slightly deeper red than this!)

UNIQUE PURPLE, by Childs, '79; Early Mid; DOR DIP; 18" x 4"


VANILLA FLUFF, by Joiner, '89; Mid;
DOR DIP; Very Fragrant; Double; 34" x 6" 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Still more from last summer (there are a LOT to go....)

Ok..... where did I leave off?  These are still from the batch taken on July 19, 2014, most of which went into the previous blog entry.

I might add that even though I have purchased a number of the daylilies in my gardens, I have also benefited from the generosity of others, two women especially: Marie Rose and Ramona Titus (whom I met through Marie).  In fact, Marie pretty much got me addicted to daylilies!  I cannot at this time trade plants with them, for different reasons, but have at least passed on their kind examples by giving some of my extra growth to others.  What better thing to spread around than flowers?  And maybe a little sunshine!  

NOAH'S ARK, by Reckamp, '68; Midseason; DOR TET; 34" x 8"  (At this time, it's in the Storytime themed garden, but I do have other plans for it.)

POLTERGEIST, by Couturier, G., '98; Mid; SEV DIP; 38" x 8"

ROUND TABLE, by Peck; '74; Mid; DOR TET; 32" x 5.5"  (Of course this in the King Arthur themed garden!) 

RUTH LOVE (foreground) by Webster, R.L., '93; Mid; DOR TET; 28" x 7"


DEAR RUTH (background) by Halliday, '80; Mid; DOR DIP; 38" x 7"

SINGS THE BLUES, by Hanson, '90; Mid Late; SEV DIP; 26" x 6"

TARHEEL DOLL, by Doub, '78; Early; DOR DIP; 20" x 2.5"

TOUCHED BY MIDAS, by Winniford, U., '79; Early Mid; EV TET; 30" x 6"

WHITE STAG, by Shinall, '75; Mid; SEV DIP; 18" x 6"  (This is not a great photo of White Stag, but I had just purchased it, and the scapes were budded, so this is what I got.  Poor, stressed plant!)

WITCHES' COVEN (top) byMoldovan,'85; Early Mid; SEV TET; 24" x 5"


LOVE GLOW (bottom) by Stevens, D., '81; Mid; DOR TET; 30" x 6"