Sunday, January 12, 2014

BAAAAAAAD Janet! (Heeheehee...)

OK, I know... I'm bad.  Yet, not bad at all, in the minds of most daylily lovers!  

I can't garden yet, since the gardens are frozen and covered with snow, sleeping peacefully.   But winter won't stop me from dreaming!  I have ordered quite a few more daylilies, and I'm preparing an order for more!  

I'm trying to collect as many of the Stout Silver Medal award winners as I can -- wouldn't it be great to have them ALL?  But the older cultivars are very difficult to find.  Most venders don't give their garden space to old cultivars, even the SSM winners.  I have found a couple of sites that have a fair number of them, and it's very hard to hold back!  

When the summer of 2014 is over, I should have over half of the SSM's in my collection, plus a fair number of replacements for some of the ones I've lost.  

Yes, much of this is out of frustration that I can't be outside digging holes in my yard.  However, it's still constructive use of my time.  I won't be needing to make all these decisions in the warmer weather, plus I can budget monies appropriately.  

That's my story, an' I'm stickin' to it!  heh heh....