Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sale? or No Sale? That is the question.

OK, OK.... I've been so bad.  But where daylilies are concerned, that's good, right?

A turn of events:  I may not be able to attend the sale (as a vender) in three weeks, being run by the local daylily group.  I NEEEEED to free up the space those plants are using in my gardens!  Looks like I'll be having a literal YARD sale, in June!  Here in the north, plants don't get very big by mid-May, unless there's an early spring.  This has been a late spring; weather is still chilly.  Hence, waiting a few more weeks will give the plants more time to look impressive for sale.  Then, when those plants are OUT, I can plug in the new ones that will be coming in quickly for a few weeks.  The down side is that word will have to get out via different routes.  I might have to pay to advertise the sale.  The up side is, I won't have to share the proceeds with the group, as it's a fundraiser for them when they host it.   Also, if I don't sell them all on weekend #1, I can try it again later!  

Plants I know for certain must be moved:

Stella de Oro (of course... prolific, and who doesn't have plenty of those?)

Happy Returns (ditto, if you have them.  I get better rebloom from them, and I like 'em better!)
Little Bob (a small, dark red)
Canyon Lands (rose brown & gold blend, eyezone)
Cinnamon Roll (Bright yellow brushed cinnamon)
Gallant Hour (very reliable, older red, average size)

Dublin Elaine (late, pink, double... nice)
Elves (perky yellow)
Firestorm (one of my favorites!  Hot and spidery)
Isaac (nice clear yellow, average size, or slightly smaller)
Lady's Torch (an older, average red)
Grape Adventure (an older, average purple)
Black Cat (there is no such thing as a true black or white daylily,  only "near black," or "near white," many just being dark red or purple, or palest of yellows, pinks, etc. -- but this one is VERY close to black!  I'm quite fond of it!  But it has been "having kittens" every year,  so some of it needs to go.  I have a space set aside to represent my animals, of which there have been a couple of black kitties over the years, and also am planning a Halloween themed garden!  So, a bit of it can go there.  Still, that will leave more with no room for it.)

There are others in the gardens that truly need division.  Poor things are so clumped up!  I hate to make them wait yet another year, just because space will be at a premium this year.  I was going to try to include as many of these as possible in the sale also.

We'll see.  I'll have to think about this some more.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sprout excitement

It's not a lot to get excited about, but I am excited anyway!  I have sprouts -- lots and lots and LOTS of sprouts!  Almost everything is showing up, after this long, hard winter.  There are some more to make their appearances, but not all are on the same time schedule.   I can be patient.  Well, what choice have I got, really?  

I found a place on the internet that has many of the older, early Stout Silver Medal winners, but not sure they will do mail order.  They seem to prefer to do a more direct, visitor business.  I'll give them a call tomorrow.

I noticed a lot of grass tightly cramping a plant called, "Val."  It was pictured awhile ago, and is truly lovely.  It is on my list to be moved anyway, so I started digging the new bed where it will go, soon.  It was so nice to be digging in the fresh earth... the smell of newly turned soil is one of the BEST of springtime!  

 No old photos this time... sorry.  Had a mild domestic problem, and it's nearly time to shut down the computer.  However, I can give you a few almost current photos: one of some crocuses that are now blooming, and one of the yard, with a bit more snow than is there today.  And of course, a sample of the daylily sprouts! These were taken a few days ago, and between warm days and some April rains, the snow is nearly gone!

 A variety of crocus called, "Dorothy".  I got it to remember my Aunt Dorothy (my dad's sister).  And she has a little friend who is enjoying her company!

 The pond behind the house, with a fair bit of snow, still.  Hint: it's gone now, in only a couple of days, since.  Still pretty drab out there, though!

I'm not even sure which sprouts these are, since they almost all look alike at this stage. That broken bit of plastic might have a clue, but I can't read it.  I don't dare clear out the debris yet.  We are in danger of freezing temps and possibly snow tonight!   New England weather is famous for being fickle!  But we Yankees are quite used to it.