Friday, March 6, 2015

Aaaannnd -- More.

I'm running out of "More!" -type Subject Lines....
These photos were taken last July 29th. 

ABOVE THE SALT, by Mason, M. '98; Mid Late; DOR TET; 26" x 6"

 BEWARE THE WIZARD, by Couturier, '95;
Midseason; SEV DIP;
Spider/Double/Poly 75%; 37" x 8"
(Of course, this is also in my Harry Potter themed garden!) 

DONIZETTI, by Munson, R.W., '84; Mid; EV TET; 24" x 6"  (Someday, I'll have an Arts themed garden, too.  There are a lot of daylilies named for artists, and I'm gradually collecting several.  I also have Frans Hals, and Gauguin.  I have just ordered Picasso.  There are MANY more!)

FAIRY CHARM, by Jablonski, '78;
Early Mid; DOR DIP; Fragrant;
18" x 5"

HARMONY IN YELLOW, by Salter, J., '93; Early Mid; SEV TET; 28" x 6"

HOLY GRAIL, by Reckamp, '68; Mid;
DOR TET; Fragrant; 32" x 6"

IDA'S MAGIC, by Munson, R.W., '88; Early Mid; EV TET; 28" x 6"; Stout Silver Medal, 2001

JEAN, by McDade, '43; Late; DOR DIP;
Spider variant; 38" x 7"

LONGLESSON FLATTERY, by Mason, M., '98; Mid; EV TET; 26" x 5"  (This daylily is one of my favorites!  It has restored my faith in the Evergreen habit.  Very hardy!)

MALAYSIAN MONARCH, by Munson, R.W., '86; Early Mid; SEV TET; 24"x 6"
(This has won numerous awards, but did not get the Stout Silver Medal.  It won Junior Citation, '87; Honorable Mention, '90; and Award of Merit, '93.)

NANUQ, by Jinkerson, '86; Mid Late; SEV DIP; 27" x 5"
There are no true whites in daylily coloration, but there are "near whites."  This one surely qualifies!

Mid; SEV DIP; 28" x 5.25"

SILOAM BO PEEP, by Henry, P., '78; Early Mid; DOR DIP; 18" x 4"

SILOAM TINY TIM, by Henry, P., '84;
Mid; DOR DIP; 14" x 3" 

SILOAM URY WINNIFORD, by Henry, P., '80; Early Mid; DOR DIP; 23" x 3"

STRAWBERRY CANDY, by Stamile, '89;
Early Mid; SEV TET; 26" x 4"
Stout Silver Medal winner, '98

See you again soon! 

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