Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mid-August, 2014

We're into Mid-August!

DIVERTISSMENT, by Hager, '90; Mid-Late; DOR DIP; Spider; 45" x 7"

MARQUE MOON, by Trimmer, '98;
Mid-Late; DOR TET; Fragrant;
24" x 5"
(I bought this one because one of its parents is "Admiral's Braid" and I've wanted that one for many years.  I have not seen it offered anywhere since I've been able to afford it, but this is lovely too!  Eventually, I'll get the whole family, LOL.)

AUGUST PICNIC,by Rood, T., 2009; Mid-Late; SEV TET; 28" x 5"

 HOLYROOD, by Lambert, '68;
 Early-Early; DOR DIP; 34" x 6"

(The one above polytepaled on its first bloom here, and in a pot at that!  The one below is a typical bloom.  I think they're both gorgeous!)

HORTENSIA, by Branch, '64; Mid; DOR DIP; Nocturnal; 34" x 5";  SSM winner, 1972

Below, is LITTLE TINKERBELL, by  Darrow.  This was not labeled as one of their VT series (unregistered) but probably should have been.  It does NOT match the correct Little Tinkerbell in any of the possible spellings.  However, it's a pretty little blossom, isn't it?! 

WITCHES BREW, by Couturier, '90; Mid; DOR DIP; Spider; 36" x 7"

PIPPIN (VT), by the Darrows, unregistered.

(Yes, it's in the LOTR garden!)

And, now for a few other plants flowering in the mid-August gardens:

Above and below, CLEOME. (Close up)

Above is some "Magic Fountains" DELPHINIUM. 

One of the Foxgloves I got from Graceful Gardens -- actually, all of the four above plants are from that very nice nursery!  They specialize in Delphiniums, but have many other lovely plants too.  I'm not sure what the name of this cultivar is, but I'm thinking it was something like "Silver Fox."  A good friend brought me a whiter foxglove from her garden, much whiter than this.  I'm so lucky!  The fairies will be dancing around these plants for years to come!

Done for another night!

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