Thursday, March 5, 2015

Still working on July, '14...

Moving up towards late July!  These were taken on the 25th and 26th.

ALPHA CENTAURI, by Hanson, C., '91; Midseason; DOR TET; Fragrant; 30" x 6"

CHAIN ENERGY, by Gossard, 2006; Mid; EV TET; Fragrant; 31" x 5"

I've already showed Alien, way back, but this seems like a good photo to show.

ALIEN, by Belcher, '87; Early Mid; DOR DIP; 23" x 6"

CAPE COD, by Wild, '73; Early Mid; DOR DIP; 34" x 4.5"

CLARENCE SIMON, by MacMillan, '66; Mid; EV DIP; 28" x 6"; Stout Silver Medal winner, 1975

GOLDEN SNITCH, by Olson, E., 2002; Mid; DOR TET; 28" x 6" (You know that I got this for the Harry Potter themed garden!)

MERLIN'S MAGIC, by Mercer, R., '90; Early Mid; DOR TET; 30" x 5.25" 

MYSTIC FIREBIRD, by Hoffman, P., 2006; Mid Late; SEV DIP; UFO crispate; 36" x 6"  (This also is in my Harry Potter garden!  It was a generous gift from my friend, Ramona Titus.)

OUR KIRSTEN, by Hansen, '91; Early; EV DIP; Diamond dusted; Nocturnal; 26" x 6"

PINK FLIRT, by De Kerlegand, '88; Early; SEV DIP; Fragrant; 20" x 6"

PLATINUM PLUS, by Peck, '87; Mid; DOR TET; 23" x 6" 
I think this is going to be a very handsome part of my gardens, once it has established.  It was new only just last year (2014) so this is a bloom from a somewhat traumatized plant, having been dug, shipped, etc. and put in a new place, new climate.  Not bad, for all that!

REVOLUTE, by Sass, H.P., '44; Mid Late; DOR DIP; 46" height.  No bloom width given on these older registrations, but this was about 3 inches, maybe more.   An early SSM winner, 1953 (Could be a better photo, but it was new in my garden, with only a few buds when I put it in.  This coming summer, it should be better!)

 SALEM WITCH, by Moldovan, '96; Early Mid; SEV TET; 28" x 5.5" (--or slightly larger, depending on what resource I use.  I think the slightly larger might be more reliable.) 

Salem Witch is pictured at left, close-up,
and below, group-shot.

SILOAM FINE ART,  Henry, R., '91; Early Mid; DOR DIP; Fragrant; 20" x 3"  (Another new one from last summer that I'm looking forward to seeing grow into a healthy clump someday.  Love that eyezone pattern!)

SWAMP YANKEE, by Hathaway, '71; Late; DOR DIP; 34" x 6"    (This was from a rather stressed plant, blooming while loosely packed in a pot.  As good as it looks here,  it is usually even better!)

VALLEY MONSTER, by Powell, L.K., '83; Mid; DOR TET; Fragrant; Nocturnal; 33" x 9"

WHIR OF LACE, Wild; '65; Mid Late; DOR DIP; 36" x 5.5"

And... a garden shot!  This is of the "Arthurian themed garden, before I tore apart much of what is seen here.  (No daylilies were harmed in the making of that renovation, LOL!)  
The mass of tall reds in the upper part are Monarda, aka Bee Balm.  That was a "passalong" plant from a coworker, many years ago, and I never got the variety name.  Another friend suggested it might be "Jacob Klein" monarda, which is red, and tall.  It has gotten rather invasive, so I have thrown out a lot of it, the past few years.  And yet, there is still plenty!)

Done!  Now, on to the next one!

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