Monday, March 2, 2015

More, more, MORE!

We survived February, yaaaaayyyyy.......  

Got a bit of snow last night, but only a micro dusting. Seemed like no more than an inch on the surfaces of my car.  The skies are blue!  Well, blue-ish, with some fluffy whites.  Fluffy-ish. 

Point is, March will possibly be kinder than February was, which is quite the turnabout.

These photos were taken on July 24, 2014.  I had one of Alpha Centauri, but the picture wasn't very good, or rather, the bloom was poor.  Hopefully, I have more in the albums for later, as I recall that it was a very nice flower.

CHRISTMAS CAROL, by Wild, '71; Early Midseason; DOR DIP; 29" x 6"

LITTLE RAINBOW, by Reckamp, '63;
Early; DOR DIP; 24" x 2"

PUFF, by Wild, '64; Mid; DOR DIP; 30" x 5.5"  (Of course, this had to be in my Dragon Alley!)

PURPLE DE ORO, by DeGroot, 2000;
Mid; DOR DIP; 20" x 3"

SATCHMO, by Lambert-Savage, '71; Mid; DOR DIP; 30" x 8"

SILOAM PURPLE PLUM, by Henry, P., '73;
Early Mid; DOR DIP; 17" x 3.25"

SPINDAZZLE, by Wilson, '83; Mid; DEV DIP; Sp 4.4; 26" x 6"

I just noticed the wind has picked up severely, and --  it's SNOWING!!!  UGH!  (So much for a kinder March, huh?)

Just in time for the next cultivar:

STURM UND DRANG, by Norris, R., 2002;
Mid; SEV TET; 26" x 6"
(Sturm und drang is a German expression, literally meaning, "Storm and stress."  Otherwise, emotional turbulance.)

TIVOLI NIGHTINGALE, by Duncan, '95; Mid; EV TET; 20" x 5"

"In like a lion, out like a lamb," right? 
And, "March winds and April showers bring forth May's sweet spring flowers!"

On that note, I leave you thinking about spring.  Or at least, better weather.

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