Sunday, March 8, 2015

And, moving on to AUGUST!

I might sneak in a few other plants that were starting to look good by August 2014, but most will be daylily photos taken in August.  I was just nosing around some older photo files (2012 and '13) and saw some that I don't think had their portraits taken in '14.  I might slip a few of those in later, but the color seems off on many of them.  We'll see.  
Over the years, I've also taken a lot of buggy pics that haven't made it into this blog, because this isn't a blog about bugs, LOL!  But they're kind of interesting, nevertheless.

AVA MICHELLE, by Flory, '60; Mid-Late; SEV DIP; 18" (height) - Stout Silver Medal, 1970

COMMON SENSE, by Yancey, '79;
Mid; DOR DIP; Double; 22" x 5".

I bought this one -- couldn't resist! -- as a response to all those who accuse me of having no common sense.  

See?  I do so!

CONDILLA, by Grooms, '77; Early Mid; DOR DIP; Double; 20" x 5"

CRAFTED BY HOBBITS, by Clement, 2008;
Early Mid; DOR TET; 36" x 7"

FOOLED ME, by Reilly-HEIN, '90; Early Mid; DOR TET; 24" x6"; Stout Silver Medal 2005

GENTLE SHEPHERD,by Yancey, '80;
Early Mid; SEV DIP; 29" x 5"

This is an FFO photo, that is to say, "First Flower Open," that starts off a cultivar's bloom time.  It's not a bad bloom, but Gentle Shepherd is usually much closer to white.  There are no true whites, true blacks, nor true blues, in daylily coloring.  There are "near whites," and Gentle Shepherd is one that gets pretty close -- maybe I should have waited. 

HOT TOWN (grouping) by Stevens, D., '82; Mid-Late; DOR TET; 28" x 5"

(Quick story: I had this in a very shady spot, for years!  It barely bloomed, but it survived. Finally, in late 2012, I moved it to a sunnier spot in the yard. In 2013, there was improved bloom, and as you can see, in 2014 it was blooming vigorously!  I have one cultivar (a near black) that is thriving in the shade, but most daylilies will sulk if not given enough sun.  They don't necessarily need full sun, but a pretty good amount of it.  OK, end of "quick story"!)

JO BARBRE,by Holman, '74; Mid;
SEV DIP; Double; 23" x 6"

(Obviously, this doesn't double every time; lots of doubles do not.  It does have a very pretty shape, whether doubled or not.)

PET LAMB, by Goddard, '87; Mid; DOR DIP; 30" (height only given)

(Yes, I used to have sheep! LONG ago, in a galaxy far, far away.....)

PUMPKIN TIME, by Sobek, '84;
Late; DOR DIP; 37" x 5"

This one is "growing" on me!  It's a terrific "SPLASH!" of color in the late summer/early fall garden, as it keeps on blooming for weeks.  One of its parents is the SSM winner, "Cartwheels."  I don't have that one.  (*yet*)

REAL WIND, by Wild, '77; Mid-Late; DOR TET; 27" x 7"

SHADY LADY, by Owen, '62;
Mid; DOR DIP; 34" (height only given)

 SILOAM CINDERELLA, by Henry, P., '79; Mid; DOR DIP; Fragrant; 18" x 4"

It occurs to me that, duplications aside, I seem to have taken mostly photos of yellow daylilies on the couple of days encompassing these.  Huh!  A lot of the late blooming daylilies are yellow, but then, there are many oranges and many reds, as well.  Few purples, "blacks," or "whites," but there is still a fair bit of intensity of color.  I'm also noticing certain cultivars missing from the albums -- could I have actually neglected photographing them?  Trust me, they will show up in this blog eventually!

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