Monday, June 29, 2015

June has been bustin' out all over!

Many of the daylilies have new, budded scapes!!!  Several have bloomed, but I already have photos of most of them, here in past blog entries.  Below are pics of a couple of newbies to the neighborhood!  Oh, and I didn't lose all of "Cry," only one fan.  There were two, and one did die.  I do seem to have lost a bonus plant from last year's order: Lemon Hager.  I'll have to check my records to see if it bloomed and a pic was posted -- I don't recall its having bloomed. 

All of this year's orders are either potted or in ground, now.  Took about five weeks of much hole-digging!  I have a few older clumps dug up, that desperately need division and lining out, but they'll be OK.  They're all soaking in buckets (one in the wheelbarrow) for now.  Most of my work now will be weeding, since I don't want to disturb the blooming of those that have scapes holding buds.  I could, I suppose... but I likely won't.

I'll include a few photos of some other new blooms, too.  The Sweet William is a joy to see from the back steps!  That, the foxgloves, and the Nora Barlow columbine were all planted last year.  Some are annuals, for this year, like the Gaillardia below.

Gaillardia, "Arizona Sun"

                            Columbine, "Nora Barlow"  (It's in the RHPS themed garden!)

Two photos of the Sweet William, a tall kind of carnation (Dianthus).  Got these from Graceful Gardens, last year, but had to wait until this year to see blossoms.

Stock, actually four different plants.  They were still in their set "pots" when this was taken, as I was still so busy with other plants, and they seemed happy enough.  Sometimes called "Evening Stock," this is an old-fashioned flower that smells utterly divine! 

And now, ta-daaaaaaa!!!  

(OK, only two so far...)

EB 38-09-01, by the Darrow family.  This one might not be registered yet, if it ever is, but I liked it very much and ordered it in late 2012.  Took awhile to establish, but it's a nice bloom!  Photo was backlit, and in the afternoon.  The flowers were all determined to face eastward, and I had to crouch under an arch in a forsythia to shoot the pic.  I'll have to find the stats on it, but it's obviously Diploid (slender stems!) and an Early.  It's quite tall, too. Bloom is sizeable.

PINOCCHIO, by Saxton, 1951; 
Early Midseason; DOR DIP; 
38"tall, no bloom width given.
(I have it next to Geppetto, and Carpenter Shavings, LOL!  I have a children's Storytime themed garden too.)

So, that's all for today.  As mentioned, I have a few others starting to bloom, but they've all been shown here already, I think.  Unless I can come up with a much better photo, I won't bore any readers with repeats.  As for the above-mentioned foxgloves, I took those pics with my cell phone, and I'm not sure how to upload from there.  I'll either take other photos or figure out the phone angle of this business.  Ta-ta! 

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