Sunday, April 5, 2015

Wrap up .... for now!

Let's see.... where are we today?  Late July, '13 through August, '13.  I have been keeping a list to avoid duplications (though a few have slipped through, mostly before the list was started) and have found that most of the cultivars represented in photos from this time have already been shown on this blog.  

By the way, Happy Easter to all who celebrate this holiday! 

 ELEGANT EXPLOSION, by Meyer, C., 2004; Mid-Late; DOR DIP; Nocturnal; 20" x 4"
The wispy foliage and blossoms in the foreground is Linaria, Canon Went.)

TURKISH DELIGHT, by Wynne, '63;
Early Midseason; DOR DIP; 32" x 5"

SILOAM PEONY DISPLAY, by Henry, R., '91; Midseason; DOR DIP; Double, Fragrant; 18" x 6"
(The light was a bit subdued, so this seems just a bit darker than true color.)

HOBBIT, by Searles, '73;
Mid-Late; DOR DIP; 15" x 3.5"

MANCHU FAN, by Durio, K.; '86; Early Mid; SEV TET; 24" X 7"
(I had a note in the album adding, "Maybe" to the name.

TETRINA'S DAUGHTER,by Fay, '71; Mid; SEV TET; Nocturnal; 32" x 5"

Tetrina's Daughter, again, below.  This is probably the last bloom, which would explain why it's a bit tatty. 

And THAT is the end of my supply of photos, leading up to the present!  I haven't counted, even on "the list," but guesstimate that there are between 350 to 400 cultivars represented here, so far.  More that have not been shown should be blooming in 2015, so keep coming to visit!  

In less than two months, I would guess, "Elizabeth" starts the season off again!  It's possible that "Elves" might beat her to the First To Bloom status that she has enjoyed all these years -- stay tuned to find out! 

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