Friday, April 3, 2015

Some more older photos to help fill out the "inventory"

I have moved up well into 2013!  Hooray!  These are from mid-July, '13.

DOUBLE PASSION, by Brown, B., '73; Early; EV DIP; Double; 25" x 6"

WIZARD'S WISH, by Moldovan, 2006;
Mid-Late; DOR TET; 30" x 6"

CATHERINE WOODBERY, by Childs, F., '67; Mid-Late; SOR DIP; Very Fragrant; 30" x 6"

COUNTRY VISTA, by Wild, A., '88;
Early Mid; DOR DIP; Fragrant; 29" x 5.5"
(This is a lovely daylily!!!)

CRIMSON PIRATE, by Sass, H.E., '51; Mid; DOR DIP; Spider 5.2; 30" (height only).  Well, you know I had to have this for my Pirate themed garden!

DARING DECEPTION, by Salter, J., '94;
Early Mid; SEV TET; 24" x 5"

(In the background is some daylily, "Double Gardenia," pictured in the last entry, not doubled.  These are doubled quite nicely.  Seems like it has to get a running head start before doubling begins.)

RING OF KERRY, by Roycroft, '97; Mid; DOR TET; 32" x 5"

I know, it looks like Daring Deception, above, doesn't it?  But they're two completely different cultivars, with different stats. I haven't checked to see if they're related, though.  Could bear looking into! (Post Script: I don't see a relationship, though the data is not conclusive.  However, I did notice that Ring Of Kerry claims Strawberry Candy, the 1998 Stout Silver Medal winner, as its pod parent!)

SUNDAY GLOVES, by Lebegue-Rogers, '85;
Early Mid; DOR DIP; Very Fragrant; 27" x 5"

(Photos do NOT do this blossom justice! It is very near to white.)

     SUPER BABE, by Dove, '83; Early Mid; DOR DIP; Fragrant; Nocturnal; 19" x 6"

TRAHLYTA, byChilds, F., '82; Early Mid;
DOR DIP; Very Fragrant; 30" x 6.5"

                              MONSTER, by Pettus, '76; Mid; DOR TET; 32" x 9"

NEW KING DAVID, by Klehm, '96;
Mid-Late; DOR TET; Fragrant; 26" x 6"

(This is one of the few daylilies I have that I honestly think photographs GREAT after a rain!)

                      BELA LUGOSI, by Hanson, C., '95; Mid; SEV TET; 33" x 6"

MISS JESSIE, by Hardy, '56;
Midseason; DOR DIP; Spider variant;
40" (height only)

XIA XIANG, by Billingslea, '88; Mid; SEV DIP; Fragrant; 22" x 6"  (This is a child cultivar out of Fairy Tale Pink, a Stout Silver Medalist.  I've had it in a very shady spot until transplanting last year, so it didn't increase much.  Hoping it will like its new "home.")

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